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How Do I Kill Mold Forever?

The ideal place for mold growth are areas where moisture and organic material meet. To kill mold forever you must remove the moisture helping it grow.

This may sound easier than it is, but often leaky pipes or continuously humid areas enable mold growth. So keeping your home or business dehumidified is a must if you want to conquer mold forever.





Traditional Mold Remediation Vs Horizon Mold Care

The most common method to deal with mold infestations is to cut away the area that is infected by mold so it cannot spread. This method requires that you literally cut up the walls of your home or business and essentially remodel your property. Not only does all this cutting and sawing spread mold and dust into the air, but it can become extremely expensive.

The MoldExterm SMTS system employed by Horizon Mold Care eliminates the need to tear down walls in order to kill mold. Only a professional Pest Control company is licensed to access materials that will kill all mold once and for all. The best feature of Horizon Mold Care is that average mold services cost 30% – 50% less than a remediation!

For over 40 Years Horizon Pest Control has helped protect the health and property of New Jersey residents. If you smell mold in your home or suspect you have mold, please call us today to schedule a free inspection.