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Horizon Mold Care

Unlike mold remediation, Horizon Mold Care offers a cure for your mold problem with professional mold removal, not just a band aid.

Mold is found throughout the planet, but when it finds a supportive environment to grow, the health hazards to those exposed to mold can be severe. Horizon offers mold treatments that kill existing mold and preventative programs to eliminate the conditions in your home that allow mold to thrive. Horizon’s mold service is cutting edge and not invasive like most other types of remediation. Results are guaranteed.


Mold Spores, whether they are alive of dead, are bad news. Both can cause allergic reactions and pulmonary conditions. The only difference is that dead ones cannot repopulate. Traditional mold remediation solutions are a band aid for the mold issues in your home – not the cure. Tearing down walls creates a major expense, inconvenience and is completely unnecessary. Let us explain…

Horizon Mold Care will eliminate the root of the problem. As a pest control company we have access to the right materials that will solve your mold issues once and for all. On average our services will cost 30-50% less than what a remediation will cost. Choose the less expensive and timely solution. Call Horizon Mold Care for a Free Inspection!


Many people live in their homes completely unaware that there is a mold problem. It is only after the development of health conditions that people start to recognize the warning signs of a mold infestation. For that reason, it is important to recognize the signs and symptoms of mold in your home. Common signs are:

  • A strange persistent odor: Mold has a strong, unpleasant smell. Especially if it is confined to a specific area of the home, you are likely to notice a strong, persistent, musty odor when you enter that portion of your home. However, mold can live within a wall or behind wall paper, so in those situations, you may not be able to smell it.
  • Visual appearance of mold: It is easy to distinguish mold and mildew from soap scum in a bath tub, but mold can grow in any damp area of your home. That means, if you have a cellar or basement that tends to leak or collect moisture, it is likely that those areas may also be growing mold.
  • Health symptoms associated with mold: Because it is not always visible, and it can’t always be smelled, it is very possible to have a mold infestation and be completely unaware. If you feel lethargic, have watering eyes, and congestion while you are in your house, the likely cause of these symptoms is mold. It is common for people with mold problems in their homes, to feel considerably better when they are out of their houses, whether they are at work or shopping.